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R.A.D. System #1
R.A.D. System #1
System #1 is the product of 4 years of research and design to provide a recoil reduction system that effectively dampens recoil and provides smooth operation in the most extreme positions.
The System #1 is built around a hydraulic shock absorbing piston to reduce felt recoil. This piston is fully adjustable to handle a wide varity of loads from light skeet loads to the extreme magnums. With this versatility the system can be mounted on almost any shotgun or rifle.

To provide the shooter with added versatility the System #1 comes with a Hart Pad Adjustment System built into the unit. This allows the shooter to adjust the position of the recoil pad horizontally, vertically, or canted for a precise fit.

A key part of the system is the use of heavy 3/8 diameter guide pins and Frelon bearings. The guide pins are hardened to 60/65 HRC and have a surface finished of 8 Ra microinches. This provides for long life and a low coefficient of friction. The low coefficient of friction allows the unit to operate in positions that other such devices would bind or lock up.

At Hart Systems we guarantee our customers satisfaction and we work hard to assist them in anyway possible. All of our reducers are guaranteed for 3 years from the date of purchase to be free from defects or failures.

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Installation Drawings

Price:  $205.00

Bearing & Seal Replacement Kit

Price: $40.00

R.A.D. Router Template


Price: $20.00

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