R.A.D. System 2a

The System #2a is the newest version of the R.A.D. 2 system. The OAL of the unit is 1/8" shorter than the original and 2oz. lighter in weight. The new adjustment allows for single point pad adjustment without going through the pad or removing it to do so. This key feature allows the unit to be adjusted by a gun fitter while the gun is mounted saving time and allowing for a more precise fit.

R.A.D. System 2a

Price: $365.00

R.A.D. #2a with 3/4" Black Curved Kick-eez Pad

Price: $410.00

R.A.D. #2a with 3/4" Black Flat Kick-eez Pad

Price: $410.00

Bearing & Seal Replacement Kit

Price: $40.00

R.A.D. #2a LOP Adjustment Slider w/ Bearings & Seals

Price: $85.00

R.A.D. #2a LOP Adjustment Slider

Price: $45.00

R.A.D. #2a LOP Mounting Plate

Price: $50.00

R.A.D. Router Template

Price: $20.00

5/8 Adjuster Wrench

Price: $10.00

2a Operation Sheet
Installation Guide

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